Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Battle

Over the centuries, every person ever to come into existence has fought a spiritual battle of some kind, be it large, obvious and notable, or small and almost meaningless save for those who fight them. To this day, most people will deny ever having been involved in such a thing.

But consider: if something as small as getting a cold has happened to you, and you have asked "Why does God allow this?", are you not then fighting a spiritual battle?

I'm sure some of you will say no. I tend to disagree. Allow me to explain.

The second you bring God into something, it has instantly become an object in the spiritual realm. Actually, it already was before that, in all likelyhood. But as soon as you ask "Why, God?", you have just placed yourself on the spiritual battlefield, whether you wanted to or not.

All of us experience something like this every day, regardless of how small or large a degree. The question every single person has asked is: 'Why?' Well, here's your answer:

BECAUSE SATAN WANTS YOU TO BE MISERABLE. And, sadly, in most cases succeeds. You're sick? Started with Satan. You're depressed? Started with you-know-who. Angry at God, falling away from him? Guess who? You get it.

It's times such as these that we must stop absolutely everything we're doing, and rethink EVERYTHING, and at the end of it all, and throughout, pray about it. That's the only way anything gets done. And pray out loud. I know it's sounds dumb, I too feel like a complete idiot praying aloud when I'm alone. But it WORKS. Words are essentially the key into the spirit realm, they can and will make or break...anything!

So, if you want something positive to happen, don't just pray about it and go on being a generic human being; change your attitude, your outlook on life, especially if you're depressed or angry. Negativity and negative WORDS lead to negative THINGS HAPPENING.

On the other hand, positive WORDS lead to positive THINGS HAPPENING.

The battle raging around us every single day is so much more real than most people realize; it affects everything we do, everything we are. The one good thing about it is, we have an option, which side affects us.

As I said before, being negative will basically allow the negative to happen to you. Being positive generally allows good things to happen.

Then there's the old adage, "Bad things happen to good people."

Yes, that is very true. And the question again becomes, "Why?" Why God? What have I done? Why am I suffering? Why, Why, I, I, I... Notice the pattern here?

We always ask why WE'RE suffering; almost never what God is trying to do for us, or tell us, or even why He's suffering. Therefore, the suffering of good people allows for the praise and worship of God, which is our ultimate purpose here on Earth. And, with the power of words, when we speak God's name, when we pray about things, when we command (for we HAVE the authority!!!) in Jesus name for something positive to happen, it can! And will! NOT ALWAYS, mind, but the point is, God has annointed us with authority over everything.

Matthew 17:20-21
For truly I tell you, if you have faith
the size of a mustard seed, you will
say to this mountain, ‘Move from
here to there,’ and it will move; and
nothing will be impossible for you.”

Luke 10:19
1: "Behold, I give you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will in any way hurt you."

Amazing, yes? This is the power and authority of God, of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour in us! He gave us THAT!

And what do we do with it? We squander it, ignore it, pretend like it doesn't exist, act like it's an evil thing every time someone dares to use it.

So don't be afraid, speak up, speak out, use the authority you have! The battle is raging around you, you are a SOLDIER IN GOD'S ARMY! Ranks don't matter here; if you have even an ounce of faith, you are already capable of doing amazing things! We have been called to do even greater things than Jesus himself once did!

So pray. Fight in the battle. Speak out in positivity. Have a loving, caring disposition, have a good attitude towards yourself, your life, your family, friends, enemies, everyone else around you. And though the storms WILL come, you and I have a rock upon which we can stand; one that is infallible, unbeatable! Call on the name of Jesus Christ, and perform miracles in his name! And recruit others, not by force but by helping them to come to faith. And keep fighting, and keep recruiting, for this life is one massive battlefield, upon which rages the mightiest war the world has ever known, and few can even begin to comprehend.

God is great!

The Power of Prayer:

Matthew 7:7 :

Ask and you will receive. Search and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you. Everyone who asks will receive. The one who searches will find, and for the one who knocks, the door will be opened.


Zoe said...

That is so true! Thank you for posting. I really do read your posts, I just don't always comment. :)


Araken said...

Excellent, Mike.

Interesting fact: a study showed that speaking positive words to a bowl of rice left in the open at room temperature kept the rice fresh. When negative words were spoken, however, the rice developed mold and maggots. Yuck. But it goes to show that our words really do affect the atmosphere we live in.